All about Busted Pipes

Random Stories on Bursting Pipes

Burst water pipe

When pipes burst. (Photo Credits)

Bursting pipes can happen even to the most modern neighborhood and community.

Just like in London when a burst pipe called the attention of everyone after shooting up water to almost 50 feet high. Commercial Plumber near me San Marcos         

“Local traffic in the area was disrupted by the burst. Thames Water apologised to anyone affected.”

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Can lead to shortage

OFM Meantime shared that a burst pipe can cause water shortage in an area.  AceContractor Plumber San Marcos See here 

“Maluti-a-Phofung Water says the town’s water shortage is due to a pipe that burst.”

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In the holy land, a burst pipe was mistake for something divine – at least according to the article published by the website Times of Israel.

“But for some visitors to Jerusalem’s Western Wall on Tuesday, such an outpouring triggered jubilation rather than irritation. Faced with the sight of water flowing from the ancient stones, the worshipers interpreted the drizzle as no less than a harbinger of the coming of the messiah.”

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Have you ever seen a burst pipe?