Natural ways to unclog drains

Unclogging Drains


Avoid chemicals in unclogging drains o prevent damage. (Photo Credits)

It is very tempting to just use a store-bought chemical when unclogging really pesky drains, but the convenience of using such harsh chemicals could backfire on any home or business owner.

Plumbers generally do not recommend harsh chemicals when it comes to emergency drain de-clogging.

Beyond Blindfold gave some helpful tips.

“Baking soda has sodium bicarbonate that reacts in an explosive effervescent manner when it comes in contact with vinegar. The bubbles help in loosening up any grimy sludge that is clogging the drain. Once you add hot water to the mix, any fat and other debris responsible for the clogging gets washed away, thus clearing the drain.”

Check out the whole procedure here.

Chemical-Free ways to unclog drains

Naturally Savvy also has more tricks in clearing drain clogs the natural way.

“It’s never fun to unclog bathroom drains… My bathtub was semi-clogged recently. I hate having sloshing water at my feet when I am in the shower. (Who does?) So, I tried the only natural method I know, since commercial drain cleaner has Sodium Hydroxide, which is a very caustic substance, bleach and other chemicals that I wouldn’t want in the house.”

See more here.

Say no to harmful substances also has its own share of advice for homeowners with clogged drains. Plumber San Marcos Click Here

“Hair and goo can build inside your sink causing your drains to empty slowly, giving you something else to contend with during your bathroom cleaning ritual. Drop a couple of alka seltzer tablets into a slow drain and follow with a vinegar chaser. After a few minutes, rinse with hot water. Your drain will be as good as new.”

More great tips are published here.

What chemical-free solutions do you use in unclogging your drains?

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